Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

In this little girls two and a half years of life. She has managed to prove that toys are just not her thing. Here you can see a perfect example of what she would rather be doing with them. I will go ahead and say what exactly we are all thinking...WoWee she's a cutie!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Boy I'm sure glad I changed my mind...

I just got home a few hours ago from our annual Westwood Women's Retreat which was held in Jacksonville, Florida. And, before I share how absolutely refreshing it was, I must tell you that I didn't even want to go. So much has gone on in my life since last years retreat and I just thought that I could sit this one out. You see I had reasons why I didn't want to go and felt that they were good enough...Not So Much! In the four years that my family has attended Westwood we have been blessed with friends who love us so much and have invested their time, prayers and encouragement in some of the toughest times in our lives. You see these sweet friends of mine knew that if I followed through with my decision to sit this one out,I was going to miss out on what the Lord wanted for me to hear. Oh my Goodness were they Right! Yes. In our sessions we learned how to begin to Love Well. This is something that I don't do Well at all. Heavenly Father, you are so intentional. Not only did I hear from you, but many of the women who are struggling with testy relationships in their own lives did as well. Thank you so much for this body of women who hunger and thirst for your righteousness. I am truly refreshed,encouraged, and desiring Your insight in relationships that I don't love well in. As I embark on this journey to love with Your love. Transform me so that my life may bring you Glory. I love YOU, Jesus.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Okay so this is just one of Jakob's drawings that he has just thought up lately. He is very good at putting his creative ideas on paper. LOVE this kid!