Thursday, July 31, 2008

Having a Baby!!

Well, I am officially in labor. I just got an epidural about 30 minutes ago so I am feeling much better now. Right now, I am at 7 centimeters dialated (maybe more info than you want). As I am in labor having contractions, my husband is playing his Nintendo DS (Guitar Hero). Don't worry, I told him it was o.k. to play. Once it is time to get this baby out, say bye bye to the video games. Right now, I am also listening to my MIL singing along with the GH songs. My mom has a camera in her hands and is ready at a moments notice.
In case you are wondering, getting an epidural was a whole story in itself. The temperature was 110 degrees, the blood pressure cuff was expanding and I was having a contraction at the same time as a needle was being inserted into my spine. Does that sound like fun? It was all worth it, though. I am feeling good now and I'm in good spirits.


Kelly said...

You are blogging while in labor!! You crazy nut!! (epidurals are wonderful things!!) Can't wait to meet him!! Blessings!!

Brandi said...

LOVE, LOVE that you were blogging in labor! I didn't even know!

Love you,